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Choosing Your Operating Environment
Posted On : February 23, 2010

What sort of environment have put or do I create for myself?


Prov.....; Psa.1:1-3; Prov.4:23

He that walketh with the wise

What is my attitude to problems and challenges

-          The attitude of indifference. Indifference is not spirituality, it is carnality and self

-          The attitude of despondency – the spirit of heaviness

-          The attitude of anxiety and agitation

-          Fear and panic

-          Anger and bitterness

-          The winning attitude of taking responsibility and confronting the problem in the spirit of faith

According to Robert Schuller, when a truck load carry potatoes pass through a rough road, the big ones rise to the top and the smaller one go to the bottom

Disappointment –

Rebuke and correction –

Problems and difficulties

Challenges that stretch you